Aerial Imagery

Capture areal imagery of your property to portray visual characteristics

What Can I get?

We offer images taken using anything that requires a camera in the sky.

From the images taken, both high-resolution digital images and 3D models can be requested.


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Usages of Aerial Imagery

  • Mapping
  • Real estate
  • Record keeping
  • Farm photography
  • Inspection

The Creation Process

Step 1

Initially, we will discuss what you want, the boundaries of your property and any hazards to look out for.

Step 2
Obtaining Aerial Imagery

Next, we fly a drone around your property to take aerial photos. This could take a couple of hours and will need to be a clear day.

Step 3
Building the Image

Using the images taken, we will stitch them together and clean them up to make a single high-resolution image.

Step 4

Before printing and final delivery, we will show you the current state and check for any errors.

Step 5

After the images have been finalised, we will get any requested physical copies and send you the results.

More Examples

3D model created from a drone flight

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