Aerial Imagery, Mapping and Digital Solutions

Central North Island, New Zealand

Basic Farm Maps

A layout of your farm with features that include buildings, waterways, gates, water troughs and more.

Farm maps are an effective tool that can improve day-to-day management on your farm.

Custom Map Features

Displaying hazard areas, irrigation areas, and physical features like waterlines can help improve the safety and efficiency of your farm.

We can produce a map with information you already have on paper, digitally or in your head.

Whiteboards and Printing

We can put your farm map on a whiteboard, tear-off pad and organise any other printing you may need.

You will also be given the digital files produced; so you can print any extra copies yourself if needed.

Paddock Grazing Planner

An app that helps you plan paddock rotation by recommending paddocks to graze next.
It also helps record farm walks, view previous grazing history, track events/states on paddocks, and more.

Android, iOS and desktop are supported (an internet connection is required).

Crop Monitoring

Map and monitor the growth of your crops to identify low-performing areas early on.

Forestry and Wetland Mapping and Monitoring

Capture and monitor the growth of forestry and wetland areas for things like carbon credits and growth monitoring.

Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery provides a view of the landscape from above. This is achieved by taking multiple low-altitude images and stitching them together to produce a high-quality image.

Photos and videos of buildings, machinery and more are available.