Crop Monitoring

Map and monitor crop growth to identify low performing areas early on and digitally visualise progress.


Using a drone, we're able to create a single detailed top-down image of your crop. Repeating this process over the initial growth stages can help you identify areas for improvement.

This can be particularly useful for crops like maize, as it can help you identify areas that aren't growing as well as others so you can supplement the area - potentially increasing your final yield.


This image was given at separate stages but has been stitched together to show differences:


The images taken at each stage can be used for:

  1. Witnessing the progression of your crop helps you make informed decisions to improve yield.
  2. Calculating crop size
  3. Obtaining crop health data using third-party software

Capturing Process

To create the top-down images, we will visit your crop at a frequency discussed (potentially once a week) and fly a drone above to take photos.

After each visit/flight, we will send you the captured image for you to review. This can be in the format of PNG, GeoTIFF or something else.

Since images are taken using a drone, we make sure to fly the same path each time to keep images more consistent. Also using a drone means clouds are not an issue until satellite images.