Forestry and Wetland Mapping and Monitoring

Capture and monitor the growth of forestry and wetland areas


Using a drone, we're able to create a single detailed top-down image of your forestry block/wetland area. We can also come out to your block periodically to capture growth progression to help you identify areas for improvement.

The images taken can help you with things like; having proof of meeting MPI requirements, carbon credits, detecting low-growth areas early on and assisting with accurately measuring planted areas.


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The result images can be used for:

  1. Regulation compliance - Have proof of plantings for things like MPI requirements
  2. Growth monitoring - capture top-down views over time to monitor development
  3. Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) / Carbon Credits - Have proof of trees planted
  4. Tree counting - images can be passed to a third-party application for processing
  5. General forestry and wetland management
  6. Identifying elevation levels - we can provide digital elevation models (DEM)

Outputs / Files Provided

The typical file types we provide are:

  1. GeoTIFF - can be used in GIS software
  2. PNG/JPEG - can be opened by typical image viewers
  3. Elevation Model (DEM) - elevation of the surveyed areas

Please enquire about other file types if you are looking for something else

Capturing Process

To create the top-down image, we will visit the site and fly a drone above to take photos. Unlike satellite imagery, cloudy days are fine.

If you want progression shots, we will revisit at a frequency discussed (potentially once a month) to fly and take more photos. We make sure to fly the same path each time to help keep images consistent.