Paddock Grazing Planner

A virtual planner to recommend the next paddock to graze with many other features

What is Paddock Grazing Planner?

Paddock Grazing Planner is an app that's primarily focused on managing paddock rotation. Using a queue, the app helps recommend paddocks to potentially graze next while still allowing you to make the final choice.

This app also helps record farm walks, view previous grazing history, track events on paddocks and more.


  • Paddock grazing queue
  • Current grazing tracking
  • Paddock event and state tracking
  • Paddock grazing history
  • Farm walk recording
  • Interactive farm map
  • Farm map aerial imagery overlay
  • Feed and total mix ration tracking
  • User permission management
  • Works on Android, iOS and PC

Use Case

This app can help small farms keep track of which paddock to gaze next as well as help larger teams coordinate grazing and paddock statuses over one or multiple farms.

How Can I Get Started?

Head over to our contact page and give us some details of your farm. We'll get back to you about the set-up.

Trials and Pricing

Pricing and tiers can be found here.

We also offer a free one-month trial to allow you to see if the app is right for you.